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Adaptogens are substances that are safe for long term use with few side effects, do not create physiological changes in physical parameters and increase the animal’s ability to adapt to a variety of stresses.

Herbal Supplement - a combination of 5 adaptogens

1.      Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian ginseng)- helps cells absorb glucose, acts as an immunomodulator; immunomodulatory effects include the increase of T-lymphocytes such as CD4+ or T helper cells, and T suppressor/cytotoxic cells

2.      Schizandra chinensis (Chinese magnolia vine)- aid in the utilization of Oxygen within the cell, suppresses excessive stomach acid, reduces the occurrence of ulcers, protective effects on liver against broad range of toxins and other stressors

3.      Rhodiola rosea (Golden root or artic root)- increases blood supply to muscles and the brain, increases protein synthesis, improves heart rate recovery, increases body's ability to utilize lipids as an energy source

4.      Echinopanax elatus (Asian devil's club)- regulates blood sugar, protects cardiac function

5.      Aralia mandschuricia (Manchurian thorn tree)- enhances immune function, acts as an antioxidant, increases mental alertness, helps regulate blood sugar, and has antiulcer effects

Adaptogens have the ability to stimulate non-specific responses against certain forms of stress; could be due to a non-specific stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system with activation of neurologenic and mucosal defense mechanisms

1.      safe for long term use with few side effects

2.      does not create physiological shifts/physical parameters

3.      increases animals ability to adapt to a variety of stresses including temperature change, small places, movement between facilities

  • APF Plus was produced through cold alcohol and water extraction process
  • It was originally used as a nutritional supplement for elite athletes with increased cortisol levels due to chronic stress and hard exercise.
  • It has an anticatabolic effect - it conserves skeletal muscle even when subject is on a weight loss nutrition regime. There is no loss of muscle mass, and there is a utilization of lipids.
  • Cortisol has an antagonistic effect on insulin making insulin's uptake into the tissues less effective. Insulin resistance occurs with Cushing's Disease. APF Plus has a dampening effect on Cortisol. It also provides more energy to the lymph cells. Both of these effects are good for immunity.
  • The longer the subject is on the APF Plus, the more cumulative effects it has.
  • Laminitic horses need twice the dose of a regular horse. Regular horses with insulin resistance need 4-6 ml SID and laminitic horses need 8 ml SID. Humans need 2 ml SID. This can be doses orally or top-dressed on feed. It absorbs rapidly.

APF Plus is intended for use as a dietary supplement in horses of all ages and levels of athletic training. For best results, the desired amount of APF Plus should be administered daily, either directly into the horse's mouth or top-dressed onto a small amount of feed.

APF Plus is available in 120 ml (4 oz) & 354 ml (12 oz) sizes.

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